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[BATTLE] Birdramon & Ikkakumon vs. Bakemon.

Sora, Jou, Piyomon and Gomamon ended up in the Overdell Cemetery. They encountered some priests who worshipped Bakemon-sama. Piyomon and Gomamon were suspicious since Bakemon wasn’t exactly the kind of Digimon you’d owe respect to. The priests and citizens of Overdell revealed themselves to be a clan of Bakemon. Piyomon and Gomamon were too hungry to evolve, and they were locked up in a cell. Meanwhile, Jou and Sora were going to be offered to Bakemon-sama.

Eventually, Piyomon and Gomamon tricked their guard and found some food. After the multiple Bakemon had combined into Bakemon-sama, Birdramon and Ikkakumon appeared. The giant ghost Digimon used Hell’s Hand to force its opponents outside.

When Ikkakumon’s Harpoon Vulcan and Birdramon’s Meteor Wing had no effect on Bakemon-sama, Jou performed a sutra to weaken the ghost. Finally, Bakemon-sama shrunk in size, and Birdramon and Ikkakumon combined their attacks to destroy the Digimon.

As the ground split open, Jou and Sora saw a series of black gears beneath the surface. The objects stopped and fell apart. In the distance, the kids spotted Infinity Mountain. Believing that their friends were there, the four began their journey across the ocean.

From: Episode 11

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